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  • Stained Interior Wood Door
Stained Interior Wood Door

Stained Interior Wood Door

Veneer Stained Interior Wood Door

Multiple face material options is recognized by both AWS and WDMA quality standards as suitable for stained architectural wood doors. There are multiple grades, matches and assemblies of wood veneer to meet design requirement, including regular and exotic selections. Stained wood veneer faces have a variety of wood species, cutting slices and matches. It is the natural variations of veneer and different cuts that create unique textures, grains, figure and color for each veneer piece and door. There are generally four cutting methods for decorative wood veneer including plain sliced (or flat cut), quarter sliced, rift cut and rotary cut. And the type of match at the joint line must be specified after the decorative wood veneer cutting method is specified. How to place the individual cuts next to each other during the fabrication of veneer face will effect the appearance of the stained wood doors.

Glossy or matte lacquered wood door

The door surface is stained with multiple coats of lacquer to make a uniform, coloured and smooth surface, either glossy or matte. There are two types of lacquers in door manufacture. One is open pore lacquers, the natural and elegant wood grain pattern is well revealed. And the other is called as completely covering lacquers.